School Programs

Outreach Programs

Programs are 30 minutes or 60 minutes


Cost: $75 per 30 minute program plus mileage

            $100 per 60 minute program plus mileage

       10% discount for multiple same-day programs


Maximum class size: 25 children


Live animals, books, posters, artifacts, and other educational materials may be used during presentations.


To book a program call us: 860-827-9064 or e-mail:

Check out our website: for additional information

Fur, Feathers, and Scales

Animals have different body coverings.  Mammals have fur. Birds have feathers, and reptiles have scales.  Exploration of the animal groups will help children distinguish between different kinds of animals.


Down on the Farm

Farms provide us with food and many other resources.  This program looks at the animals that live on the farm, where food comes from before we buy it in the grocery store, and some textiles like wool and wax.



Animals respond to seasonal changes through hibernation, migration, or aestivation.  These survival strategies and the seasons are discussed.


Growth and Change

The way animals change throughout their lives varies between species.  The life cycles of several animals are presented to show the children how some animals hatch from eggs, while others give live birth, and how they all grow and change throughout their lives.

Locomotion in the Animal Kingdom

Snakes slither. Birds fly. Fish swim. Frogs hop. Animals move in many ways in order to find food, avoid predators, and move from place to place. Animal movement is the focus of this program.



Animals eat different kinds of food and have adaptations for getting their food. Animal adaptions like claws, teeth types, speed, and camouflage is the focus of this program.  Nutritional needs, food chains and food webs are also introduced.


Animal Senses

The five senses are explored and how animals use their senses to survive in the wild.


The Mitten- Storytelling

The story, The Mitten, is read to the students along with puppets and live animals to bring the book to life in the classroom.

All of the above programs can be done at your facility or at Hungerford Park.


In addition to the above programs, we also offer the following at the nature center:

Pond Exploration

Maple Sugaring

Guided Trail Walks

Call us:

(860) 225-3020

Call us:

(860) 827-9064

 New Britain Youth Museum

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Hungerford Nature Center

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