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School Programs

Programs are available for students Pre School—5th Grade


Programs are 30 minutes or 45 minutes with a maximum class size of 25 students.

Our presentations are full of exciting artifacts, books, posters and LIVE animals!


Off Site Pricing

$75 for 30-minute program plus mileage

$100 for a 45 minute program plus mileage


Mileage: 50₵ per mile.

10% discount on multiple same day programs.


On Site Pricing

$6.00 per person per presentation. 

Two (2) Free adults. 

Minimum charge is $60.00 per presentation. 


All of our Educational Programs can be brought to your classroom or held in our classroom at Hungerford Nature Center. 

Pre K—K  Programs


Watch Me Go

We will discover how legs, wings, fins and more help our live animal friends find food,  water and stay safe.


A Sprout Sized Green Thumb

From  the smallest flower to the tallest tree, plants have a story to tell.  We will examine the life cycle of plants, plus some of the weird and wild ways plants protect themselves and survive.  You will be given a plant for your students to watch grow and develop right in their classroom!


It’s Alive!

Our planet is full of animals, plants and insects.  We will investigate different types of animals, plants and insects to see what makes them similar and different from each other.


Makes Sense

We have five wonderful senses and we will discover what they are and how we use them.  This interactive program will help students better understand how our senses help us and how they help animals.


Where Do You Live?

Come with us as we explore different Connecticut habitats.  Our interactive and hands on program will help students think about the habitats around them and the animals they might find in each one.



Story Time Series

K- 1st Grade

Sit, listen and relax as a story is brought to life right inside your classroom.  Fun puppets are used and some friends from the book will be along. 


Available Books:

The Mitten:


Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn: Take a walk with us as we say good bye to summer, hello to autumn and what happens outside as autumn comes to be.    


Very Hungry Caterpillar: Dive into the world of the very hungry caterpillar as we watch him grow and change into a beautiful butterfly.  We will also meet two friends who start life in an egg. 


Mouse’s First Spring: With winter melting away, signs of spring start to appear all around us.  Let’s talk about what happens as spring emerges in CT.

K-5th Grade Programs


Creatures of the World Series


K – 5th


Explore the class Mammalia, which contains so many interesting animals and their adaptations for survival.


Birds and Insects

K – 5th


Birds and bugs!  Not quite cookies and milk, but both are fascinating none the less.  Let us breakdown both groups and find out what makes them both unique.



K – 5th


Our scaly friends can not wait to meet you.  We will look at snakes, lizards and turtles and all the incredible adaptations that have helped them survive since prehistoric times.

Locomotion in Nature

K – 5th


The world is moving all around us and we will jump in to explore how different creatures move in it.


A Place Called Home

K – 5th


What is a habitat?  Come along and find out with this interactive program that will help students think about the habitats around them and the animals they might find in each one.


Backyard Nature

K – 5th


We call Connecticut home and so does a wide variety of wildlife.  Learn what is living in our backyards as well as how we impact their habitat.


Farm to Table

K – 5th


Learn where our food comes from and how to eat healthier.  We will also talk about how to grow your own garden.

How Does That Work?

1st – 5th


Organisms across the planet have different adaptations that help them and their species.   We will look at what they are and how some plants, animals and insects are using these traits to survive.


Little Botanists

1st – 5th

NGSS: LS1. A-B-C, LS2. A

Let us deep dive into the world of plants.  What are their parts?  How do they grow? How do we use them?  All answered and more.


Growth and Change

Come learn about how different organisms develop from youth to adult. We will explore plants, insects, animals and how they differ in their life cycles.




The following Environmental Programs are offered only at our Center.


Sensory Saunter

Look, listen, touch and smell your way through our trails as we venture out to explore the natural world around us.


Barnyard Blitz

Get up close with a cow, sheep and other barnyard friends as we dive into the word of farms.


Maple Sugaring

Learn the process and history behind the golden syrup that we love so much on our pancakes.


Pond Study

"Dive" into the world in and around our pond.  Frogs, turtles, birds and the creatures from beneath the surface will be studied and discussed during this hands-on program. 

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